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Announcing the Newest Spree Commerce partners

Posted on July 09, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Announcing Spree Commerce’s Newest Partners

Through the last two months, Spree Commerce has been busy forging new partnerships to help test the limits of e-commerce technology—and then surpass them. Without further ado, get to know the newest batch of Spree Commerce partners.

Associate Partners

Amplemind is a team of experienced software engineers and designers who are passionate about technology and user experiences. Amplemind believes that well-designed and functional software can improve people’s lives, and do so by combining languages, frameworks, APIs and libraries to deliver great user experiences. Amplemind has offices in Sinaloa, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada.

The Cloud is now mainstream, but the skills and experience to design, build and operate quality apps in the cloud are not easy to find. So, after ten years of building and operating cloud applications for themselves, its founders started Cloud Castle, a boutique development firm that helps startups and growth companies convert ideas into reality. If you have an idea, Cloud Castle will make it happen.

Premier Partners

Founded in early 2013, Big Astronaut started as a product development team for clients that were looking to create, or radically rethink, their existing web applications. When dealing with e-commerce, Big Astronaut believes that, though there can be tremendous complexity behind the scenes, creating a simple customer experience is paramount to success. The company spans across the United States, with offices in Austin, Chicago, and Denver.

Just like you, Intridea believes that bits and bytes, pixels and palettes have the power to make our world a better home. That’s why they work with clients who are heavyweights in their trade, and startups who dare to think differently. Your ideas inspire Intrideans to fire up their Macbooks every day, and, in turn, bring your ideas to life. Intrideans make interfaces that delight users. They make apps that push technology past its limits. They make products that touch lives and move industries. Why? Because they want to help you leave your mark on this world.

We are very proud to be able to call these innovative companies Spree certified partners, and look forward to help take e-commerce technology to the next level together. Want to join these technological standouts as a partner? Learn about the process here.

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The Largest Multi-Tenant Deployment of Spree

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Melissa Pegus

Spree Commerce and GoDaddy: The Largest Multi-Tenant Deployment of Spree

GoDaddy Online Store is taking Spree to altogether new dimensions of scalability and user experience, as one of the largest multi-tenant deployments of Spree. We plan to scale Spree to a huge number of hosted stores (hundreds of thousands) and plan to add thousands of new stores every month. At the same time, it’s very simple to use, and enables small-to-medium businesses the ability to build, manage and operate e-commerce websites easily without the need of any technical know how. The event will be hosted on Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM PDT in Sunnyvale, CA.

We are very thankful to the Spree community and excited about making significant contributions to it. These contributions are, and will continue to be, in the form of new features, extensions, performance and scalability improvements, bug fixes, quality improvements, knowledge sharing, and more. The scale of Online Store poses a unique set of challenges, and many good things will come out of it!

Please come and meet the Online Store team at GoDaddy’s Sunnyvale office and engage in some enriching discussions with fellow Spree users and builders. We will be sharing more information on GoDaddy Online Store, how we made Spree multi-tenant, how we provided a very sleek user experience, and made performance improvements to Spree, including an upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2.

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Spree and Affirm: Consumer Financing

Posted on July 01, 2014 by Melissa Pegus

Spree Commerce and Affirm Meetup in San Francisco

The Meetup

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Spree Commerce and Affirm will be linking up in San Francisco to host the featured meetup, "Spree & Affirm Consumer Financing: Increasing revenue, decreasing costs for modern merchants.” The event is for everyone from Spree merchants to expert Spree developers, to those just wanting to learn more about e-commerce or payments.

There will be live demos, discussions on projects that are under way, as well as time for people to share their war stories and collaborate on opportunities. Of course, there will be food. And beer!
The Meetup will be from 6:30 to 9:00 PM PDT.

The Partnership

Spree Commerce believes in bringing the best in customer experience, design, and service to merchants. Affirm shares those values. After a great SpreeConf 2014, Affirm and Spree have partnered to offer Affirm’s simple, elegant consumer financing to its merchants’ customers. The Affirm extension is now available for integration.

About Affirm

Created in 2013 by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin and Palantir co-founder Nathan Gettings, Affirm is reimagining financial services – from credit cards to deposit banking. Starting with an amazingly simple, new way to get affordable financing at the online point of sale, Affirm lets shoppers pay for purchases across multiple months with transparent, fairly-priced fees built into every payment, and boosts conversion and basket size for eTailers at less than the cost of credit cards.

With Affirm, there is zero risk for the eTailer. Affirm pays its merchants in full at the time of settlement and their customers enjoy payments stretched out in monthly installments. Unlike point-of-sale credit options, Split Pay is consumer-friendly. By providing clear terms and a fixed set of payments, consumers using Split Pay are never hit with surprises or large fees, as they often are with revolving credit. Online shoppers can make a purchase and pay across multiple months with simple, clear financing fees that are a fraction of credit card interest rates. Read what people are saying about Affirm.

Spree 2.3.0 Released

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Ryan Bigg

Spree 2.3’s large changes include Rails 4.1 support, better preferences storage, better support for multi-store, and better guest user tracking. There have been 700 commits by 97 contributers to bring us to Spree 2.3, and we are excited to release it!

Rails 4.1 Support

Rails 4.1 is now supported by Spree 2.3. If you wish to use 4.1, Spree 2.3 is the release for you.

Preferences serialized on records

Preferences are now stored on their records, rather than being stored in `spree_preferences`. This means that to fetch a preference for say, a calculator, one query needs to be done to the database for that row, as that row has the `preferences` column which contains all preferences.

Previously, there would be a single DB call for the record itself, and then any number of database calls thereafter to fetch the required preference values for that record. What happens now is that there’s only one database call, which means there should be some minor speedups.

Better multi-store support

A `Spree::Store` model for basic multi-store/multi-domain support has been added. This provides a basic framework for multi-store/multi-domain, based on the spree-multi-domain extension. Some existing configuration has been moved to this model, so that they can have different values depending on the site being served:

  • `Spree::Config[:site_name]` is moved to `name`
  • `Spree::Config[:site_url]` is moved to `url`
  • `Spree::Config[:default_meta_description]` is moved to `meta_description`
  • `Spree::Config[:default_meta_keywords]` is moved to `meta_keywords`
  • `Spree::Config[:default_seo_title]` is moved to `seo_title`

A migration will move existing configuration onto a new default store.

A new `ControllerHelpers::Store` concern provides a `current_store` helper to fetch a helper based on the request’s domain.

Better guest user tracking

Now we are using a signed cookie to store the guests’ unique token in the browser. This allows customers who close their browser to continue their shopping when they visit again. More importantly, it allows you as a store owner to uniquely identify your guests’ orders. Since we set `cookies.signed[:guest_token]` whenever a vistor comes you may also use this cookie token on other objects than just orders.

For instance, if a guest user wants to favorite a product, you can assign the `cookies.signed[:guest_token]` value to a token field on your favorites model. This will then allow you to analyze the orders and favorites that this user has placed before, which is useful for recommendations.


You can view a more detailed list of these changes on Github.

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