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It's easy to extend Spree by writing your own extension. There are already over one hundred third party extensions listed in our official registry.


spree-refinery-authentication Gem which configures Spree 2.3+ to use RefineryCMS 3.0+ for authentication
by Brice Sanchez/Record updated: about 21 hours ago/Last commit: about 21 hours
spree_one_page_checkout One page checkout with Spree
by marcelo espina/Record updated: 1 day ago/Last commit: 1 day
spree_weight_rates Spree extension which supports sales weight based pricing
by marcelo espina/Record updated: 2 days ago/Last commit:
spree_amazon_fps Integration for Amazon's Flexible Payment System
by Ann Arbor T-shirt Co/Record updated: 19 days ago/Last commit:
Wishlist Wishlist of Products
by Himadri Ganguly/Record updated: 27 days ago/Last commit:
Spree Reffiliate Spree Affiliate and Referrals extension
by kinduff /Record updated: about 1 month ago/Last commit:
Spree MSRP Add MSRP to your products
by Colin Mattson/Record updated: 3 months ago/Last commit:
FuturePay Adds FuturePay as a Payment Method.
by FuturePay/Record updated: 3 months ago/Last commit:
Spree Scaffold Admin scaffold generator for Spree
by Alessandro Lepore/Record updated: 3 months ago/Last commit:
Spree Slug History Avoids 404's when slugs change
by Alessandro Lepore/Record updated: 3 months ago/Last commit:


by marcelo espina
by marcelo espina
by asdfadf
by Ann Arbor T-shirt Co