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Year in Review - 2012

Posted on January 09, 2013 by Sean Schofield

Each year we like to summarize what we’ve accomplished together as a community. It’s also become a bit of an annual tradition to do this recap in January since we’re always too busy at the end of the calendar year to do it then.

There were many highlights during the year and we’ve selected a few of the major ones that we’re especially proud of. So let’s take a quick moment to recap some of the awesomeness!

The Highlights

Spree Analytics

At beginning of 2012 we announced a plan to work with our friends at Jirafe to provide a live e-commerce anlaytics dashboard integrated within Spree. We were able to make significant improvements based on all of the great feedback and we announced a new and improved version later on in the year.

New Base Theme

We also announced a new base theme for the standard Spree install. We drastically simplified the HTML used in the standard theme with the expressed intention of making it easier to customize. Since the theme was also fully “responsive”, it makes it easier to use the same Spree views for mobile devices.

First Ever SpreeConf

We had our first ever SpreeConf in February of this year. The conference was a complete sellout and we had an awesome lineup of speakers and spent a lot of time meeting with existing and perspective users.

Spree 1.0.0 Release

We also released the long awaited Spree 1.0.0. This release was performed in typical team fashion and represented over 1,500 commits by 35 different contributors. We also committed to faster release times and released Spree 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 later in the year.

Improved Multi Currency

The Spree project continued to make improvements in the area of i18n. We received an excellent contribution from one of our community members that significantly improved multi currency support.

SpreeConf Europe (Dublin)

Our first conference was such a success that we decided to have another, this time in Europe! We decided to continue our theme of hosting in unique venues and chose the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin Ireland. Once again the conference was well-attended and we had an exellent blend of technical as well as business-oriented talks.

Admin Redesign

We hired a full time designer and then put him to work straight away. One of the first things we did was a complete redesign of the Spree Admin UI.

API Improvements

We also made major improvements to the Spree API and significantly improved the API documentation, launching a dedicated API site. This work will continue into 2013 as we make Spree completely “API driven.”

Spree Fancy Theme

We finished the year by releasing Spree 1.3 and announcing the brand new fancy theme. The theme serves as a simple demonstration of a responsive web design that is a little more interesting than the intentionally plain base theme. We made the theme completely open source so you could use it as a starting point for your own sites.

The Road Ahead

Each year we somehow top the accomplishments of last year. We expect continue this trend in 2013. We’re especially looking forward to the “split core” project that Ryan has been working on as well as the planned i18n improvements. We’ll post more about both of these efforts shortly.