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Announcing Admin Redesign

Posted on October 02, 2012 by Sean Schofield

New Admin Interface Available

Back in February we held out first ever SpreeConf and announced our plans to do a complete redesign of the admin interface for Spree. At our second SpreeConf six months later, our designer Alexey (aka devilcoders) resolved that he would not go to another SpreeConf and have people still asking him when the new design would be ready. We decided to turn him loose and let him finish the job he had started earlier in the year.

The initial results of this effort are now publicly available and have been merged into the master branch on Github. Special thanks to our community manager (Ryan Bigg aka radar) for working with Alexey on getting this merged into master and fixing numerous issues with failing specs.

Just the First Step

The code that’s available on the master branch represents just a first step in what we expect to be more changes to the admin interface. Our main focus was putting a “fresh coat of paint” on everything to make it a little easier to look at all day long. Changes to the functionality have been intentionally kept to a minimum. Eventually we will also look into possibly reorganizing how things are laid out, etc.

Feedback Required

Alexey has done his best to touch up every screen but he may have missed a few. We also haven’t tested every screen on every browser. If you spot any issues with functionality with the new design please report them on Github.

So what do you think?