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Brainspree Integration

Posted on July 30, 2010 by braintree

Dear Spreets,

We’re psyched to announce that with commit d0fcd7b the 0-11-stable branch of Spree now supports integration with the Braintree payment gateway.

There’s a great open-source community around Spree, a fact we got to see first hand as we worked on this code. Thanks to Mike Horn for the initial heads-up and implementation advice and to the Spree core devs for answering our questions and reviewing our patch.

The Braintree integration code is fully tested at the unit level and with end-to-end tests against our sandbox environment. It utilizes the latest version of ActiveMerchant and our own Braintree ruby gem, both acting together with Spree to form a credit card processing all-star team.

So, what are you waiting for? We love developers, and we’ll give your data back to you, guaranteed. Hit us up for a sandbox account and get cracking with Spree & Braintree!


Editors Note: This is a guest blog post solicited by the Spree core team. Drop us a line if you have something to say that might be of interest to the Spree community.