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Chris Mar & John Dyer join Spree

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Brian D. Quinn

It’s been over a year since we’ve announced any new core team members, due primarily to the awesome job that Ryan (radar) has been doing managing the contributions and improvements to Spree. In all the time that Ryan has been doing his thing, two other staff members have been quietly working on new features, refactoring and generally helping make Spree more awesome for everyone.

Today, we’d like to officially recognize the on-going and outstanding contributions made by Chris Mar (cmar) and John Dyer (LBRapid) to Spree by announcing their official core team membership. While both Chris and John have been employees of Spree Commerce, Inc. from its inception and have had commit access for a while, joining the core team highlights their impact on the direction and quality of the entire Spree platform.

John Dyer aka JD aka LBRapid

John Dyer

John joined Railsdog back in April 2011 as an intern and has since then proven himself to be an indispensable member of the team. John’s recent contributions to Spree have included lots of work on the API which were documented recently.

John’s an avid reader and fan of The Game of Thrones series, you can find some of his literary reviews on his personal blog.

Chris Mar aka cmar

Chir Mar

Chris was one of Spree Commerce Inc’s first employees and has made a big impact since his arrival back in August, 2011. He has spoken at both SpreeConf’s and was responsible for the badly needed overhaul of Spree preferences internals.

Chris is a startup veteran, a keen home-brewer and a recovering Java developer who likes to play board games.

Please join me in finally welcoming Chris and John to the core team, and I know we all look forward to their next big contributions!