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Perfecting Your E-Commerce Frontend

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Perfecting Your E-Commerce Frontend by Denis Ivanov

Denis Ivanov, lead developer at Downshift Labs, returned to SpreeConf 2014 to give an updated version of the most popular talk from SpreeConf 2013: Perfecting Your E-Commerce Frontend. In this year’s speech, Denis shares three years of experience running a growing niche store through high-level direction, as well as the importance of practical code samples.

Denis includes a great deal of ProTips ® on how to please both robots and humans: Search
Engine Optimization, both back end and client-side performance, plus conversion rate management. Denis’ tips ensure you get the most performance, as well as the fastest implementation, from your frontend.

Denis has been working with Rails and Ruby since high school. His passion for the open source framework is largely responsible for his decision to pursue Computer Science professionally, and he continues to work with Rails every day! In his free time, Denis can be found volunteering at various outreach programs in San Francisco, sharing his passion for fulfilling programming employment.