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We're funded - Now what?

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Sean Schofield

It’s been two weeks since we announced our recent funding and now its time to start talking about what comes next. We are working on an e-commerce analytics product as well as a service for recommendations and mailing lists.

Before we make these products available to all of our users we will be conducting a limited beta test. If you are interested in helping us with the testing please create a Spree account on our website and use the “Request Beta Access” button to submit your request. Currently beta testing is limited to those running Spree 0.60.x or higher.

We’re particularly excited about the analytics product (shown below) which is now ready for beta testing. We’ve been running it for a few days now on the Spree demo store and its been working pretty well. We’d like to get a few more people who are interested to help with the testing.

Eventually we hope to make the analytics product available on older versions of Spree as well. Of course you’re probably not running a really old version of Spree because you read the recent security announcements.

We’re also working on a very cool recommendations solution for Spree. We’ve partnered with a company that has significant expertise with this area and has a very cool “learning algorithm” with a proven track record. If you’re interested in this you should also request beta access now so we can contact you when we’re ready.

Finally, we have two major announcements to make later this week. Stay tuned.