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GoDaddy Partners with Spree Commerce

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Sean Schofield

GoDaddy and Spree Commerce recently announced a partnership that will result in Spree Commerce technology being used to power tens of thousands of new online stores. Now that SpreeConf is over we thought we would take a moment to discuss how this will benefit our growing online community.

New GoDaddy

In the past, GoDaddy has been criticized for its racy advertising campaigns and unpopular stance on SOPA. That was the old GoDaddy. The company now has a completely new leadership team which is moving the company in a much more progressive and technology friendly direction. The new company is much more interested in open source and we’re thrilled to have them supporting the Spree Commerce community.

Antonio Silveira (VP Engineering at GoDaddy) gave a great talk on how GoDaddy is already using Spree Commerce technology in their product. Check out the video of his full SpreeConf talk as well as his presentation slides for more details.

Benefits to Spree Commerce

GoDaddy is just the latest in a series of large companies making significant investments in the Spree Commerce community. They have pledged to be active participants in the open source community which will yield a variety of benefits including:

  • Code contributions to the open source core
  • Bug fixes and documentation improvements for various extensions
  • Cooperation on security matters
  • Additional resources to help maintain cutting edge scalability
  • Contributions to “multistore” functionality

Learn More

New sessions and videos from SpreeConf will be uploaded soon so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay ahead of the game!