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Guides Moved to Core Repository

Posted on September 05, 2014 by Jeff Dutil

Spree Commerce Guides Moved to Core Repository

After the last SpreeConf in New York City, many of us thought we could do better with our documentation.

Historically, the guides have lived in their own code repository. There were a couple reasons for that, such as, providing commit access to more developers and reducing the noise on the main project. Over time, we’ve found fewer contributors interested in commit access than expected, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep the guides up to date with the fast-moving changes to Spree Core.

In an effort to reverse this trend we’ve decided it was time to try something new. We have merged the Spree Guides repository into the Spree Core repository.

We hope that by bringing the documentation into the same code repository that we can hold ourselves to a higher standard. We also hope to encourage new contributors to the Spree project by making documentation a higher priority than it has been in the past. You no longer need to be a programmer to help contribute directly to Spree. This does mean, however, that some contributions being made will require additional work, as documenting your changes appropriately will become a requirement for acceptance.

We’re really excited for the upcoming changes in Spree 2.4.X. Soon, we will begin updating the documentation to better reflect our Changelog/Release Notes, and will be bringing our documentation up to date for the new release. For anyone living on, or upgrading to Spree Edge, that’s interested in helping us make the upgrade process as seamless as possible for everyone, please feel free to help us update our documentation, and submit a Pull Request to Spree Core.

Thanks Everyone!

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