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Introducing the Wombat Blog

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Introducing the Wombat Blog

By now you may have heard of Wombat, Spree Commerce’s ecommerce integration platform. For a quick introduction, Wombat is the first Scaling as a Service platform for ecommerce. Scaling your ecommerce business with Wombat means you’ll never worry about losing an order, or integrating your drop-shipping, accounting, ERP or POS systems.

With Wombat, you can connect any store to any service, no custom code required. Wombat works with any storefront: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Spree, even custom-built solutions. Connect your storefront with your mission critical services in just minutes, not weeks or months.

You may have already checked out Wombat’s well-stocked knowledge base of screencasts, developer documentation, list of integrations and features. Now we’re adding a robust, developer-centric blog for Wombat to the mix. The Wombat blog will cover product and feature releases as well as issues ecommerce businesses are facing. In keeping with open source principles, expect to catch a good play-by-play post when we write good code and hacks for Wombat. In short, this blog is largely written by developers, for developers.

Lastly, we’re committed to the open source community and would love to see more outside contributions. We absolutely love to receive content from our partners. Feel free to contact us with any story ideas at press@spreecommerce.com.

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