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"Right Decision, Wrong Outcome" by Jeff Ma

Posted on May 01, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Right Decision, Wrong Outcome,” by Jeff Ma

Jeff Ma, CEO of tenXer, and the inspiration for the New York Times’ Best Seller, Bringing Down the House, and its cinematic adaptation, 21, was one of SpreeConf 2014’s key speakers. In his presentation, Jeff discussed the importance of making data-driven business decisions, and not letting adverse biases, such as group think and loss aversion, skew what you know to be right.

Jeff drew from his proficiencies in blackjack, and emphasized the key similarities between running a successful black jack team that translated to his entrepreneurial experiences with Golfspan, ProTrade, Citizen Sports, and now at tenXer.

Highlights from Jeff’s speech include the necessity of recognizing the difference between the right decisions from the right outcomes and the fact that, in spite of our best efforts, the former is not always a precursor to the latter. Jeff not only pointed out the keys in forming a business, such as trust, communication, metrics and transparency, but if you pay attention, you might just get some great blackjack tips!

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