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Top Three Mistakes Made When Building Mobile

Posted on June 05, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Top Three Mistakes Made When Building Mobile,” by Satya Krishna Ganni

Special thanks to Spree Commerce partners MartMobi and their CEO Satya Krishna Ganni, who hosted a webinar for us detailing the top three mistakes made when building a mobile website, and how to avoid them. The top three mistakes made when building a mobile site are as follows:

Trying to force-fit a traditional website into mobile: This will lead to your website not fitting on the entirety of the screen (as seen in the photo above), poor load times, and a difficult navigation paradigm that will create a frustrating user experience, and drive m-commerce shoppers straight into the lap of your competitors.

Not optimizing the checkout process for mobile: One-click checkout is a mobile shopper’s best friend. Longer forms that must be filled out for every order are guaranteed to turn shoppers away from your brand.

Not doing real-world testing: In-house testing is simply not enough, as different networks, devices and operating systems must be put to use before subjecting your mobile platform to e-commerce shoppers.

Satya goes into further detail on these points, so be sure to check out his slides, as well as the recording, to learn why it is a must to treat m-commerce as a separate channel, not merely an extension of your traditional platform. The next Spree Webinar is already in the works, so be sure to check back in with us!

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