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Migration Generator for Extensions

Posted on October 22, 2008 by Sean Schofield

Extensions have always provided a handy generator for migrations that took care of the new model case. If you had a foo_extension and wanted to create a bar model you could always use:

<p>script/generate extension_model foo bar</p>

This would yield the following:

<p>exists  app/models/<br />
exists  spec/models/<br />
create  app/models/bar.rb<br />
create  spec/models/bar_spec.rb<br />
create  vendor/extensions/foo/db/migrate<br />
create  db/migrate/20081022232711_create_bars.rb</p>

That works most of the time but if you decide to further modify the foo table (or if you need a migration unrelated to a specific model) then you’re pretty much stuck. What would be really handy is a generator that generates additional migrations for an extension using the current timestamp that standard migrations receive.

Thanks to a brand new edge feature, this is now possible.

script/generate extension_migration foo add_foo_property

This now gives you the desired migration:

<p>exists  vendor/extensions/foo/db/migrate<br />
create  vendor/extensions/foo/db/migrate/20081022232740_add_foo_property.rb</p>