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New SEO friendly Taxonomy URLs

Posted on December 03, 2008 by Sean Schofield

Spree now features new SEO friendly URLs for browsing taxnomonies, this feature builds on top of the existing products SEO / permalink functionality to allow browsing products based on their location in a taxonomy. This is helpful for tracking how a user browsed to a particular product (ie. breadcrumbs), considering that products can have more that one taxon associated with it.

So now you can browse taxons using URLs like:

   /t/categories/clothing/<br />

You can also view products with URLs like:

   /t/categories/clothing/shirts/t-shirts/p/apache-baseball-jersey<br />

A new helper method called seo_url(taxon, product) is available in the ProductsHelper to give you the correct URL using a taxon and/or product. You can call the method two ways:

  1. For taxon’s you just need to pass a taxon object:

    seo_url(@tshirt-taxon) #=> /t/categories/clothing/shirts/t-shirts/

  2. For a combined taxon and product URL you pass in both objects:

    seo_url(@apache-taxon, @apache-tshirt) #=> /t/brands/apache/p/apache-baseball-jersey

    seo_url(@clothing-taxon, @apache-tshirt) #=> /t/categories/clothing/p/apache-baseball-jersey

All taxon related customer facing views have been updated to utilize these new URLs / methods.