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New Update Procedure

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Sean Schofield

The rake spree:upgrade task has been eliminated. It turns out there were some crucial flaws that caused issues when the older version of Spree used a different version of Rails or a different version of upgrade.task than the newer version of Spree. The rake task has been replaced by a new gem command:

spree —update

You can also use the abbreviated form:

spree —u

After installing a new version of the Spree gem, simply run either one of these commands from inside RAILS_ROOT (your application directory) and your application will be upgraded.

The update process is also now less "destructive" than in previous versions of Spree. Instead of silently replacing crucial files in your application, Spree now checks the content of files it needs to replace, and if the old version differs, it will be saved with a ~ suffix.

This makes it easier to see when and how some file has changed – which is often useful if you need to update a customized version. The update command will also no longer copy the @rou