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CAG And Spree Commerce

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Commerce Acceleration Group

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Commerce Acceleration Group is a design and development shop specializing in ecommerce. Through passion, transparency and creativity, CAG delivers a great customer experience and ensures clients’ goals are achieved.

Commerce Acceleration Group And Spree Commerce: A Combination for Excellence in 2015

One of the goals we’ve always had as an organization is to remain agile. Agility in technology is, to us, the most important characteristic to keep at the foundation of an organization. In the mid-2000’s we saw many development agencies go out of business because of their inability to adapt their organizations to open source and support PHP based frameworks and platforms. Likewise, later in the 2000’s, we saw many web development firms go out of business as a result of not being able to integrate analytics and metrics with strategy into their projects. A few years later, we saw may Ad Agencies go out of business due to their inability to adapt and learn digital.

We feel there’s a similar shift happening in the ecommerce industry currently. It’s a trend that most people know as truth deep down inside, but won’t admit it until the data and facts overtake their inability to see change coming. The fact is, for technology, times are always changing and it’s our role as an agency to address the changing times and make strategic decisions to stay in front of them. We feel there is a fundamental change coming in the middle market ecommerce space.

The change will see more platforms emerging with non-PHP frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or ASP.net. What are the changing currents causing the switch, and what do we see shifting? We’ve outlined this below, but to summarize the end of this post, in 2015 Commerce Acceleration Group’s ecommerce platform of choice will be Spree Commerce. Here is why…

Why Does PHP Currently Dominate the Ecommerce World?

The short answer is open source. PHP is an easy language to learn, and because of the quick development of early adopting communities like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, PHP became the foundation for many new software platforms because of the existing ecosystem of human capital (developers) that knew the basics.

Why is PHP Not the Future of Ecommerce?

PHP in general is not the most effective programming language for the future of commerce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going away any time soon. The ecosystem of platforms and technology leveraging PHP is too large for this to happen. In our opinion, it will be displaced over time. PHP is a resource-heavy option when compared to Ruby on Rails and some other languages. In fact, PHP can take up to 10 times more code to accomplish the same functionality.

Most PHP software requires larger hosting and IT infrastructure to run than other, comparable software on Ruby or other languages. With the increasing dominance of mobile usability, site speed and performance becoming an absolute necessity, the costs of operation to ensure optimal performance are less from a server perspective with Non-PHP technologies as a site scales.

Why is Ruby on Rails Now Viable?

Ruby has always been viable, but the big concern in the market is the availability of talent. Because the market demand for developers has been greater than the existence of quality developers, the cost for development has been higher. We are starting to see this shift now.

Ruby is now gaining more traction internationally, which is allowing for the offshoring of code. This allows companies to build hybrid US and offshore development teams to reduce overall development costs.

This trend will continue to drive down the cost of development for Ruby moving forward. Also, in our opinion, the Ruby community has the most traction for growth. It doesn’t have the largest community, but it has a lot of strong growth, which will start to drive the existing open source projects even more.

Why Spree Commerce?

To us, we look for platforms that meet the changing business climates of our customers. We look for speed to market, speed of platform, ease of use, stability and scale and we also look at the ability to integrate a platform with third parties. From our initial analysis we’re finding that Spree excels in all of these areas. While Magento and other ecommerce platforms may have a large library or third-party plugins and extensions, we find Spree makes up for the relative lack of maturity with the overall intuitive ease of use with the platform.

We will continue to update our progress with new projects throughout 2015 and share our additions to the Spree Community. We have several new clients lined up for Spree implementations in early 2015. We’re excited to deliver world class ecommerce results and would love to connect with you regarding your project.

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Spree 3.0.0 Released and Versions 2.2.11, 2.3.9 & 2.4.6 Released

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Jeff Dutil


The Spree 3.0.0, 2.4.6, 2.3.9, and 2.2.11 releases are out now!

What’s new in Spree 3? We’ve switched the front and back ends to use Bootstrap, added Rails 4.2 support, and added Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. We’ve also continued our move away from Spree handling things that should be done at the Rails application level, such as, specifying environments and setting up SSL.

You can view the Release Notes for more details, and upgrade tips.
Please feel free to submit a PR adding any of your own upgrade tips or gotchas not mentioned in the release notes.

Spree 2.2.11, 2.3.9, and 2.4.6 releases are focused on bug fixes related to regressions from the previous security release. You can view the full change comparisons on Github:

Older Versions of Spree

If you are using Spree versions 2.2.x and older you should consider upgrading as soon as possible. Our current Release Policy is to only maintain the latest two versions of Spree along with the current master.

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NuORDER Integration Upgrade

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce upgraded the NuORDER Integration for its automated ecommerce integration platform, Wombat. Now, users can connect with this leading storefront integration in just a few minutes without any custom coding required.

With its variety of pre-built ecommerce integrations, as well as fully customizable features, Wombat connects any storefront to any service, increasing speed to market and allowing store owners to dedicate more time to what they do best; grow their business. By connecting to the NuORDER, Wombat users can offer a quality shopping experience to their customers across all channels, enhancing growth and expanding their business.

Specific benefits Wombat users gain by connecting to NuORDER include the ability to:

  • Get approved orders from NuORDER up to the minute for faster processing
  • Send new and updated product data to NuORDER
  • Send updated inventory data to NuORDER in real time to avoid overselling

“Connecting your storefront with a platform that can automate your third-party services is vital to ecommerce growth,” said Spree Commerce COO Josh Resnik. “We upgraded NuORDER to make connecting as easy as possible, so that users can see immediate benefits from this integration.”

Get accurate and reliable access to NuORDER by signing up for a free, two-week integration platform trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on this integration, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

Get accurate and reliable access to NuORDER by signing up for a free, integration platform trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on these integrations, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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Security Fix for all Spree Versions

Posted on March 03, 2015 by Jeff Dutil

We have just issued several new versions of Spree that address a critical security vulnerability. A vulnerability in the API was discovered which could allow an attacker to commit CSRF gaining access to private information. Users are advised to perform an immediate upgrade.

We have officially released the following new Spree versions: 2.2.10, 2.3.8, 2.4.5, and 3.0.0.rc4. These API versions are not backwards compatible, and contain breaking changes to address the security vulnerability. To see a complete list of changes please view the compare pages:

Details on the security patch

We strongly advise everyone to upgrade to the latest version of Spree available for their stores. For example, if you’re running v2.4.4, please upgrade to v2.4.5 immediately.

Alternatively, you can fork Spree to a local `vendor/gems/spree` directory within your application and apply the patch using one of these commands:

  • 2-2-stable: git cherry-pick e2adc67680c43eac82a44047cca62ab4d306a54b
  • 2-3-stable: git cherry-pick 5409de614da27431321e57f2cfcf940a1b15e3f0
  • 2-4-stable: git cherry-pick 02c4e6f8cfb0c2c13e904739f2991454b141c9b4
  • 3-0-stable: git cherry-pick 4688106985eeea4a211fb5d0d9c4cacb92e72145

For users of unsupported versions of Spree you should cherry-pick the 2-2-stable commit to back port changes to your own fork.


Thanks to Egor Homakov from Sakurity for following security procedures and reporting the issue privately for responsible disclosure via the security@spreecommerce.com email. This allowed us to verify the problem and prepare the necessary security patches for public release.