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Big Commerce Integration Upgraded for Wombat

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce has released its upgraded, officially supported BigCommerce integration for Wombat. Spree Commerce Certified Partner and BigCommerce design & development specialist Weizen Young built the upgraded connection to BigCommerce storefronts for Spree’s automated ecommerce integration platform, Wombat.

Wombat gives its users the most diverse and effective arsenal of integrations in the industry. Weizen Young has extensive experience building BigCommerce storefronts and integrations, delivering the standard in BigCommerce templates and integrated third-party solutions for industry giants like Amazon Wireless.

By using Wombat’s newly upgraded integration, BigCommerce storefront users can now connect to Wombat in just five minutes and have easy access to all of the convenient, out-of-the-box ecommerce integrations that Wombat offers.

“BigCommerce is great for businesses that need to launch a storefront to start selling quickly,” said Weizen Young CEO and founder Eamon Rodeck. “However, as their business grows, store owners need to find a solution that connects all of their operations to one dependable, easy-to-use piece of integration middleware. Wombat is that solution.”

For a complete rundown on how to connect with BigCommerce, join us on Wednesday, October 29th at 2PM EST for a co-hosted BigCommerce integration webinar. The webinar will be led by Eamon Rodeck, who will give an in-depth account of how to efficiently integrate your BigCommerce storefront with Wombat.

Get access to the BigCommerce platform for Wombat by signing up for a two-week integration platform trial. For technical documentation on Wombat integration with BigCommerce, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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Big Commerce Integration Upgrades for Wombat

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Eamon Rodeck

About the Author

Eamon Rodeck is the owner of Weizen Young (Enterprise ecommerce Solutions) & Sprout Commerce (Small Business ecommerce Solutions). Over the 12 years that he’s been involved with ecommerce, he has helped hundreds of businesses successfully launch and run their ecommerce sites.

About Weizen Young

Weizen Young is an experienced ecommerce development & design company that specializes in building ecommerce solutions using the BigCommerce & Wombat platforms.

No one solution can do it all, not even BigCommerce.

Your ecommerce business has many requirements and no one solution can fulfill them all. A great example is shopping cart platforms like BigCommerce. Most of them do a really good job at presenting your online catalog and capturing orders, but when it comes to effectively fulfilling an order, processing returns or handling customer support requests… well that’s a different story.

In the beginning, you can usually bend your workflow and requirements to work with the quirks and limitations of one solution, but as your online business grows, your requirements will evolve and it will become imperative to work with several “best of breed” solutions. The new challenge then becomes, how do you get them to all work together?

Enter Wombat

Wombat provides a solution to the challenges of integrating multiple solutions together. Their team has come up with an optimal representation of common ecommerce objects like Products and Orders, and a series of integration modules that take care of any translation work to get those objects into and out of a variety of services via their APIs.

The objects are represented in lightweight JSON, and are extensible as needed, so that it’s neither heavy, or inflexible. Combined with a system of flows designed to take care of common workflows, this allows a simple but robust connection system between a store and the services it needs.

BigCommerce & Wombat Work Together

Our BigCommerce integration module for Wombat allows you to connect your BigCommerce store to Wombat in just a few minutes, and from there to all of the service providers that Wombat is able to connect to.

We wrote it in PHP, as that’s where our core development experience is, but it can be written in any language: the JSON objects are how data is communicated between the systems. Another important reason why we chose PHP is that it’s more accessible than Ruby on Rails. There are far more PHP developers available who will be able to customize the integration than if it was built on a more specific language.

The integration we built supports the following tasks:

1. Sending and receiving Product data (including variants) to and from BigCommerce. This also includes inventory updates.

Imagine the possibilities… You could now manage your catalog information in Product Information Manager that syncs with Wombat, and then push those products into the BigCommerce native format automatically. Or you could build your online catalog in BigCommerce, and then pull that data into Wombat and push all that product data into an ecommerce marketplace.

2. Sending and receiving Customer data to and from BigCommerce.

Because of the back and forth integration with customer data, you can easily create new customer records in your CRM or accounting solution from orders made on your store. You could also update customer information in your CRM and this will update the information on the store. Imagine updating your customers’ billing address because of a typo, and then it automatically syncing to their customer account in BigCommerce so when they make future orders, that error will be fixed.

3. Receiving Order data from BigCommerce, with an option to have that data converted automatically into Shipment objects.

BigCommerce does a great job of capturing orders, and now that it’s integrated with Wombat, you’ll be able to quickly get orders automatically from BigCommerce, and then push any order information to 3rd party solutions. This allows you to use best of breed solutions for all the work that gets done after the order is placed on your site. It also would allow you to connect an existing accounting or ERP with your brand new ecommerce site.

4. Sending and receiving Shipment data from BigCommerce.

You’ll be able to automatically update orders inside of BigCommerce with order status updates and tracking numbers so your clients are notified as you fulfill their order. To view this full post in its original format, visit wombat.co/blog.

How to Make Spree Multi-Tenant

Posted on October 13, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

By now, you have probably heard of GoDaddy’s launch of its Spree Commerce-backed storefront for small and growing businesses. On Wednesday, October 22nd at 2PM EDT, we will be co-hosting a live webinar led by Chetan Patil, Software Architect at GoDaddy. Join us to get a complete rundown of GoDaddy’s unique contributions to the Spree Storefront, including how to make Spree multi-tenant.

As well as multi-tenancy with Spree, Chetan will cover:

· Utilizing Apartment for multi-tenant account switching
· How Spree was made multi-tenant
· Wrapping Spree in a flexible themes engine

Space is filling up already, so don’t waste any time and sign up today! And just in case you can’t make it, we will send out a full recording shortly after the conclusion, so keep an eye out.

Register for GoDaddy and Spree Meetup Event

Posted on October 09, 2014 by Michael Tucker

About The Author

Michael Tucker is a 12-year veteran in solving technical problems by any means necessary. From small consultant firm to large tech corporation, from Microsoft platforms to open source solutions, he works with the right tools and seeks the right talent for the problem at hand, without prejudice. Michael is currently a technical lead for the presence and commerce division at GoDaddy, doing his best to keep up with his amazingly talented team. In his spare time, he plays music, travels, and tries his best not to take life too seriously.

When GoDaddy set out to reinvent its ecommerce offering, we considered a wide range of solutions and compared a plethora of open source offerings. Spree stood out in this analysis as a flexible platform with solid overall performance and a world-class community. We not only believe Spree is the strongest open source ecommerce offering out there, we’re betting our future on it.

Scaling out the single-store design of Spree into a multi-tenant, high performance ecosystem of small-medium business storefronts has posed a complex set of challenges, and we aim to harness those lessons to give back to the Spree community. Our solutions have ranged from utilizing Apartment for multi-tenant account switching, to the Liquid template engine for flexible storefront theming, to custom integrations with best-of-class feature providers.

In its six short months of beta release, GoDaddy Online Store has accrued thousands of new storefronts that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for small businesses and individuals. Thanks to a meticulously streamlined onboarding experience, stores are being published in just a day or two, on average, by storeowners who often claim no technical proficiency or ecommerce experience.

We are very thankful to the Spree community and excited about making significant contributions to it. These contributions are, and will continue to be, in the form of new features, extensions, performance and scalability improvements, bug fixes, and knowledge sharing.

Please come out on Thursday, October 30th and meet the Online Store team at GoDaddy’s new Tempe, Arizona office and engage in enriching discussions with fellow Spree users, designers, and developers. We will be sharing more information on Online Store, how we made Spree multi-tenant, streamlined the default user-experience, made some key performance improvements to Spree, and solved other unique challenges while balancing open source considerations with corporate goals and requirements.


6:00 – 6:30: Meet and greet with refreshments
6:30 – 6:35: Welcome and introduction
6:35 – 7:15: Talk by Spree Commerce
7:15 – 8:00: Talks by GoDaddy Online Store team; topics including a client script extension, performance optimization, multi-tenancy, storefront themes engine, and performance and design improvements for Spree
8:00 – 8:55: Dinner and networking
8:55 – 9:00: Closing Remarks

By now you’ve probably heard about the launch of the partnership. So come get the details behind the Online Store, swap stories, brainstorm and grab a bite to eat at this Meetup!

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