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Adjusting Adjustments with Spree Commerce

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Adjusting Adjustments,” by Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg, Spree Commerce Community Manager and author of Rails 4 in Action, was a keynote speaker at SpreeConf 2014, where he gave the audience a crash-course on Spree’s ever-evolving ecosystem.

Ryan’s speech focused on many of the key aspects that have made Spree Commerce the top choice for more than 45,000 e-commerce retailers today, including the key tweaks to the Spree Commerce hub that zeroed in on making adjustments easier, simplifying code, and making sense of tax rates.

Ryan also detailed Spree CEO Sean Schofield’s “commandments,” including retaining order-wide adjustments, avoiding excessive calculations, and circumventing unnecessary complications. These commandments led to tweaks to the hub that includeed an adjustments system that was made simple, consistent, and flexible.

Ryan focused on these key Spree Commerce tenants, and many more, so be sure to watch his video today! Ryan’s second SpreeConf session will be available soon, so check back in with us!

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Latin America Poised for E-Commerce Boom

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Latin American Countries Poised for E-Commerce Boom

When Ebay, and its subsidiary payment method, Paypal, launched Spanish versions of their sites earlier this month, the moves turned some heads. Had one of the e-commerce giants finally decided to tap into the largely under-utliized markets in various Latin American countries? The answer, it would seem, is a resounding, “yes.”

Ebay had already reported over two million users in these areas, and that was while Spanish shoppers were using an English site and American currency. With the Latin American population estimated around 600 million citizens, Ebay and other online retailers have barely touched the surface of the potential represented by this market.

As Mario Chavez, Software Engineer and Head of Business Development of Mexican-based Crowd Interactive, pointed out, “e-commerce is, in many ways, still virgin territory in Latin America." Using Mexico as an example, Chavez cited security concerns as a reason why half of Mexican consumers chose to buy outside of Mexico. It is easy to see why Chavez believes, “there is a large opportunity to attract a huge consumer base in Latin America.”

The customization of Ebay’s site to better suit the native tongues and currency of both shoppers and retailers alike can help sellers tap into the potential represented by Latin America, and could set up the smaller and mid-size retailers for greater success. However, there are a number of rough edges to be smoothed out before merchants can truly see the benefits of Latin American e-commerce.

“In the midsize and small retailer areas, companies still do not have, or are struggling to enact, an e-commerce strategy,” Chavez explained. One reason is that “there are not many integrators that offer a reliable e-commerce platform that communicates well with [the] current systems used in their physical stores.”

“The [retail] scene is very fragmented,” added Gert Findel, CTO of Acid Labs. “Every country has its own payment gateway and shipping services, mostly monopolistic [or] oligopolistic, primitive technologies and/or interfaces, and private or on-request documentation,” Findel continued.

While the numbers point to the potential for huge success in these countries, the aforementioned challenges will make it difficult for e-commerce startups to efficiently manage the logistics necessary for success. Managing logistics and creating custom e-commerce integrations is something that the Spree Commerce Hub specializes in, and can help retailers get the most out of the Latin American e-commerce market. But don’t just take our word for it.

“[The] Spree hub can be positioned in Latin America as the only way to integrate to a long-term solution for vendor-agnostic communication to payments, fulfillment, ERPs and invoicing; and [represents] the most express road to internationalization,” Findel explained.

In an effort to promote its global customer base, Spree has continued to advance the storefront’s built in internationalization capabilities, and has more improvements as multinational stores become more and more of a focus. Click on the link to learn more about our automated e-commerce solution, or request a free demo today!

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Spree Commerce Hosts Entire Team for Spree Week

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce Closes out Spree Week

The entire Spree Commerce team got together in our Headquarters outside of DC, welcoming the rest of our developers from around the globe! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Spree ecosystem, approximately half of our team works remotely in various countries ranging from Ireland to Brazil, so it was a nice to change to see the rest of our colleagues in person, as opposed to the company message board.

Code was written, burritos were eaten and dance moves were busted out as we crammed the office by day and got to know each other better over dinner and drinks downtown by night. Highlights of the week included some serious gaming, and our week-ending “crazy ideas” competition, featuring developers’ brainstorming sessions, and subsequent teamwork to create the next wave of Spree Commerce hub advancements. Things to look forward to include throttling, quarantining, staging and versioning, and general advancements to our e-commerce integrations.

As a team we worked hard to make enhancements to the hub, including training on a new and improved customer support system, additional design changes in the pipeline and strategizing on what’s next for us and our clients. We’re excited to unveil these changes soon, so make sure to check back with us in the weeks to follow!

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Content Management with the Spree Platform

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Storytelling Through Content” By Daniel Honig and Thomas Van Deyen

Daniel Honig, CTO of Rails Dog, and, Thomas Van Deyen, CTO of Magic Labs (the European partner of Rails Dog) teamed up to create one of SpreeConf 2014’s most compelling presentations, “Storytelling Through Content with Spree,” and it is now live!

In their speech, Daniel and Thomas detailed the difficulties of e-commerce, such as management of orders, shipments and payments, and why, in his words, there are two kinds of customers: those that are using the Spree platform, and those that wish they were using Spree. Specifically, the duo break down the four pillars of e-commerce: commerce, content, community, and context, and how Spree can help your e-commerce business tell compelling story.

Specifically, Daniel explains why storytelling matters matters to retailers, while Thomas gets into the technical aspects. The first point that Daniel details is that consumers are using more information than at any point in history to affect their purchase decision-making.

Through good content management, a good e-commerce storyteller has the power to transport audiences to a different world, just like the author of a book, and thus can create an emotional bond with buyers that will keep them coming back to their brand again and again. Daniel and Thomas go into further detail of the above aspects, and many more, so be sure to check out his video!

More SpreeConf presentations are on the way, so be sure to check back in with us!

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