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Top Three Mistakes When Building a Mobile Website

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Top Three Mistakes When Building a Mobile Website

Our next webinar is one you’ll definitely not want to miss! We will discuss the top mistakes made when building a mobile website with our partner, MartMobi, on Wednesday, June 4th at 2:00 PM EDT.

As m-commerce continues to gain momentum—100% increase in revenue for e-commerce stores from a year ago—we’re finding that the focus on building out an exceptional user experience on mobile has become paramount for business owners. Recently, our partner, MartMobi, identified some of the mistakes a merchant can make when going mobile—and how to avoid them.

Join us for this insightful webinar to learn from their experience, when we will discuss:

• Trying to force-fit the website into mobile
• Not optimizing the checkout process
• Not doing real-world testing

As evidenced by the fact that shoppers report an 88% disapproval rate of mobile platforms, you simply cannot afford to miss this webinar! Register now to reserve your spot and bring your questions, as we will have a live Q&A at the end!

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Google Express and the Future of E-Commerce

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Google Express and the Future of E-Commerce

Earlier this month, Google announced the expansion of “Google Shopping Express,” a same-day delivery service that promises products will be presented to consumers’ doors just hours after making their purchase online.

On its first day of operation in Manhattan, the service was such a success that, in a way, it was a complete failure: By noon on the first day, shipments were backed up to the point that Google Shopping Express had to shut down early, informing customers that it couldn’t handle anymore deliveries for the day. Customers are supposed to be able to shop as late as 4:30PM, at which point they would receive their order no later than 9:30 PM.

For now, Google Shopping Express is only operational in San Francisco and Manhattan, but if growing trends are a precursor to the future, you can bet that this service is coming to a city near you. In fact, Google is just the latest of a number of name-brand companies trying their hand at same-day delivery.

By now we have all heard of the Amazon “drones,” but other than being a big marketing success, everything else about the service is very much up in the air (no pun intended). However, after watching a number of third-party delivery services fail to live up to their end of the bargain, especially during the Christmas rush, Amazon began its less futuristic “Amazon Fresh” service in June of last year, and promises to deliver groceries straight to consumers’ doors on the day they are ordered. These services are only functional in Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle, but, again, expect rapid growth sooner rather than later.

Additionally, a number of popular retailers, such as American Apparel, Best Buy, Finish Line and Dick’s Sporting Goods have begun to combat the convenience of services like Amazon by deploying their own brand of same-day delivery. Brick-and-mortar retailers across the globe have seen their businesses take a hit by e-commerce giants, and are now trying to leverage these stores as a way to beat Amazon at its own game with the innate advantages that having physical locations across the country offer.

The aforementioned retailers, and many more, are treating their traditional stores as glorified online shipping fulfillment centers, delivering goods straight to shoppers from their nearest locations. From this vantage point, the retailers have a huge advantage over Amazon and Google, and can beat the giants at their own game.

This method of fulfilling customer needs is something all retailers, regardless of size or prestige, must take heed of. Speed is the future of e-commerce, and same-day deliveries will be the norm across the industry sooner, rather than later. Not only is it simply a must to stay ahead of changes within the industry, but there are also a number of added benefits that store owners can take advantage of that will help them compete against the giants like Amazon and Google Express, and build their respective brand.

By shipping locally, retailers can lower delivery costs, and thus increase their ability to offer free shipping, without taking a hit to the bottom line. As an added bonus, retailers can cut down on the third-party cuts they must give to have their products represented by the online retailers.

The theory of local deliveries sounds great, but the practice can prove difficult to manage. The Spree Commerce hub allows for customizable tracking of orders and shipments. It can instantly update inventory, regardless of what channel the sale is coming from, and send texts and/or emails to the necessary parties, a key function for the have-it-now philosophy of today’s shoppers. To learn more about the hub, read up on our documentation, or request a free demo today!

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Spree and Red Badger Meetup Huge Success in London

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree and Red Badger Meetup Huge Success in London

We are pleased to announce that Wednesday evening’s Meetup, hosted by Red Badger, was a huge success! The event accomplished its goal of kicking off the London Spree Commerce User Group, and featured four keynote speakers, including Spree COO Josh Resnik and developer Peter Berkenbosch, as well as Red Badger co-founders Cain Ullah and David Wynne.

Josh’s presentation keyed in on two themes: First, who Spree is as a company, and second, an explanation of where Spree Commerce fits into the e-commerce marketplace, and who should choose Spree as its platform. Peter followed up by getting into the specifics of the Spree hub, and the new Spree hub user interface. Peter backed up his presentation with a live demo of the hub, including how to build webhooks, defining events and flows, and a step-by-step guide describing how to debug issues that users may come across.

Red Badger co-founders Cain Ullah and David Wynne talked about the Spree hackathon that introduced them to Spree, and their experience building a Spree store in just two days. The Red Badger duo went into specifics of the hackathon process, and what was needed to build the store before demoing the product.

Overall, the night was a great success, as some 40-odd Spree enthusiasts showed up to discuss their experiences, share war stories, and then took off to the pub together for some pizza and beer. A special thanks goes out to Red Badger, who already has the next London Meetup under way for September 3rd, so it’s not too early to make your arrangements!

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How Smart is Your E-Commerce Performance?

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

How Smart is Your E-Commerce Performance?

A special thanks to our partners Jirafe, who hosted a webinar for us on the challenges, and benefits of, finding the right data to help improve e-commerce performance.

Host, and Jirafe CEO Amit Shah, stressed the importance of using the right data to grow your brand. The webinar is complete with case studies from retailers in the clothing, home goods, and comesetics industries, and depicts how each of these companies used specific data sets, provided by Jirafe, to take their respective businesses to the next level.

This webinar will help you:

• Optimize on-site merchandising of products to increase conversion rates
• Increase the overall lifetime value of their customers
• Identify at risk customers and prevent churn

For more on using data to improve your e-commerce performance, you can view the slides, or check out the full recording. Plans for our next Spree Webinar are already under way, so be sure to check back in with us!

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