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Best SpreeConf Ever

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Sean Schofield

Last week we held our first ever SpreeConf over a two day period in NYC. This was an important step for our project since conferences provide great feedback and energy for any open source movement. The conference gave us a chance to interact with other Spree developers and store owners. We also had a fair number of people attending who were there to evaluate Spree for their next project.

What Went Right

We were extremely pleased with the how the conference turned out. Here are some of the highlights as we saw them:

  • Turnout – Lots of people showed up (complete sell out)
  • Duration – Two days for the conference was justified
  • Great location – Guests stayed extra days and brought their significant others
  • Dedication – People traveled from far away countries to attend
  • Engagement – Attendees seemed engaged throughout the two days of talks
  • Training – Lots of 1.0 stuff that went beyond the README
  • Speakers – Awesome lineup of speakers so not a huge surprise
  • Keynote – Nerds love MakerBot!
  • Hotel – Great rooms and nice bars. Close to the venue.
  • Hackathon – Cool location. Great turnout. SpreeConf whiskey!
  • SWAG – Cool t-shirts from You Design It and free copy of Rails 3 in Action!
  • Positivity – No haters. Everyone was really positive even when there were snags.

What Went Wrong

There were a few small problems. Most of the issues were related to our choice of venue which is not typically used for hosting conferences. While the venue had significant advantages (such as zero cost) for the next conference will be going with a location that has professional conference facilities.

  • Temperature – The second day in particular was way too hot
  • Lunch – The caterer messed up the timing and portions
  • Party – Due to issues with the landlord the party was cut short and there was a problem accessing the elevator

The Slides

We promised to make the slides available after the conference. We have invited all of speakers to put their slides online and now we have a nearly complete list of those presentations below.

Day 1

Jeff Squires – Introducing Spree 1.0

Josh Kalderimis – (coming soon)

Brian Quinn – Spree Themes with Deface

Chris Mar – The 3 P’s Preferences, Payments and Promotions

Day 2

Sean Schofield – The Spree Road Map

Ryan Bigg – Rails Engines Lessons Learned

Jeff Casimir – Metrics Driven Rails Performance

Brian Quinn – Spree’s Hidden Gems

Wynn Netherland – A Spree Themer’s Toolkit

Neil Capel – The Recommendation Conundrum

Ryan McGeary – Just In Time Inventory with Spree

Scott Chacon – The Open Source Business

Bre Pettis – (coming soon)

Spree 1.0.0 Released

Posted on February 09, 2012 by Sean Schofield

Today we are extremely proud to announce the long-awaited release of Spree 1.0.0. The project began almost five years ago with a simple post. After several years of development and thousands of deployed stores we are now convinced Spree will play an essential role in building the next generation of e-commerce.

Our community continues to grow stronger with each successive release. This latest release contains over 1,500 commits made by 35 different contributors. Only four of those contributors work as employees of Spree Commerce. The best part is that all of this work was done in just ten weeks! There are additional developers and resources flowing into the project each day so we’re really only seeing a glimpse of what is possible.

The list of people to thank is too numerous to list here. There’s also a lot more to say about extensions and the online demo but that will have to wait for another day. We’re going to keep the announcement short in order to get this out to you as fast as possible.

We have done our best to test the upgrade process on older versions of Spree. Our team has also been hard at work making last minute fixes and significant improvements to the online documentation. Just like the Rails project, there will always be a few glitches discovered after a major release. Please report issues you find in the Github issue tracker. If you are developing a store using 1.0 you can always reference the 1-0-stable branch in your Gemfile and then you can take advantage of patches as they are added. Otherwise you can wait until we do a minor patch release.

A complete list of changes can be found in the Github compare for 1.0.0. For more information on this release and upgrading from a previous version of Spree please see the release notes.

Introducing Spree Analytics

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Sean Schofield

We’re pleased to announce that Spree now has a great new analytics dashboard powered by our friends at Jirafe. The dashboard is available by default in the upcoming 1.0 release but it is also available as an extension for older versions of Spree.

This is basically a replacement for the old Spree dashboard and relies on a real-time analytics service. You will need an activation key to use this free service. Get your activation key now by registering for a user account on spreecommerce.com and registering your store. Store registration is completely private – your store will not appear in the showcase or any other public venue. More details on registration can be found in the Getting Started guide.

Since this is integrated into 1.0.x there is nothing to install. If you are using earlier versions of Spree, however, there is a stand-alone spree_analytics extension that works with Spree versions 0.70.x and 0.60.×.

If you’re not interested in the new analytics functionality you can always use the “legacy” dashboard which does not require the authorization token. Check out the spree_simple_dash extension if you’re interested.

Last Call for 1.0 Bug Fixes

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Sean Schofield

We’ve just released a brand new Spree release candidate (1.0.0.rc3) as we prepare for the final 1.0.0 release. We have made quite a few minor fixes since the previous release candidate.

There are still a few known issues we’re working on but we’re asking everyone to try out this new gem and report any problems you find. We’ll be iterating on this very quickly in the next few days. Once we have a release candidate out there for 48 hours with no show-stopping issues we’ll do the final 1.0 release.

We had hoped to release 1.0 final before the end of this month but we’re going to take an extra few days to make sure everything is nice and stable. In the meantime we’ll be updating the guides and doing a few blog posts to get you ready.