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Spree 0.50.0 Released

Posted on March 23, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Spree 0.50.0 has been officially released. Several important bugs in the 0.40.x release have been addressed. There are no crucial security fixes in this release but you are still encouraged to upgrade as soon as convenient. By making these small upgrades as they are released you will only need to focus on minor changes to each point release instead of a series of important changes covering several releases.

Special thanks to Neeraj Singh who worked tirelessly for several weeks to add a huge amount of test coverage that we desperately needed. This added test coverage will make it easier to improve Spree in the future while minimizing the chances of breaking legacy functionality in the process. We’re also please to welcome several new contributors who helped with important bug fixes. A complete list of contributors over time can be found here.

You may be wondering which extensions will work with this new version of Spree. Most extensions that work with Spree 0.40.x should work with Spree 0.50.x since we did not really change any of the public API. The one possible exception is if the extension in question uses search functionality. Please see the release_notes for more details on the changes to search and other topics. We’re also going to announce some improvements to the extension registry related to versioning. Expect more details on this shortly.

This new version of Spree requires Rails 3.0.5. You can also use Github to see a complete list of changes for the 0.50.0 release. NOTE: This comparison will take a few minutes to load given the sheer number of files added to support the test coverage.


If you are updating from Spree 0.40.x you should remove the ‘20101101185116_rename_columns_for_devise.rb’ migration from your Rails app. This is because 0.50.x contains a new version of that migration with a different timestamp so it will cause issues if you try to run both migrations. Sorry for the confusion.

New Spree Demo Launched

Posted on March 17, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Late yesterday we officially launched the new online Spree demo site. Thanks to all of my fellow team members at Rails Dog for putting this all together. We should also thank our friends at Sticker Mule (makers of fine custom stickers) for helping out with the site design. Finally, thanks to TSS Radio for donating their real world Spree catalog for us to use in the demo site. Please support them if you’re interested in any of the products for salein our "fake store."

We have a few reasons for upgrading the demo. The first reason is to just show off some of the cool stuff you can do with Spree with a real set of products. Spree is intentionally plain when you install it so you don’t waste time ripping out what you don’t need. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for the most exciting demonstration of a typical Spree site.

We also wanted to provide users with a real working example of how to
pull together a series of useful extensions for a more full featured
store. So we’ve also made the entire store open source and its
available now in Github. We also expect that this might be a good starting point for some of you if you want to build a new store with most of the features used in the demo (as opposed to creating a barebones Rails app and building up from there.)

Finally, we wanted to create a "reference implementation" to assist with the upgrade process. The idea is to add more extensions to the site over time and to preserve all order data that people generate over the months of sample checkouts. This way when we release new versions of Spree we can test out the upgrade process on our own sample site before we push the actual release. Ultimately this should lead to smoother upgrade experiences and provide assurances that the extensions used in the demo site are comptatible with each release.

We have decided to disallow access to the admin portion of the demo. We had two problems that resulted in this decision. The first problem was that we were worried about people using real personal information during the checkout without realizing that others could see it on the backend. Yes, we could have obfuscated just those bits (and we tried) but after a while the admin started looking really lame and gave the wrong impression that you couldn’t do much of anything.

The other problem was with people adding products and doing things to break the experience for everyone else. Locking down the admin is how other projects do this and ultimately that made sense to us as well. Don’t worry, we have a pretty cool idea for how to show people the admin side of things. Look for an announcement on that shortly!

Please excuse a few broken links and other issues as we smooth
everything out. We decided to push this out rather than wait for it to
be perfect since the old demo was no longer an adequate representation
of the software. Please report any issues you find in the GH issue

Last Call - Spree User Survey

Posted on March 03, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Last week we announced the first ever Spree User Survey. This is an effort to better understand the needs and interests of our ever growing community. We want to start by thanking everyone who has participated so far. In case you missed the earlier announcement on the mailing list you should know that the survey is ongoing and your participation is needed. The survey period ends this weekend so please act now.

Spree is provided to the community free of charge and we ask very little in return from our users. We also get lots of feedback and suggestions from people but its hard to make decisions based on such fragmented information. Please take five minutes (or less) to complete this really quick survey and help us to make Spree even better in the future. It’s completely anonymous and the findings will be shared with everyone later this month.

RailsConf Discount for Spree Users

Posted on March 02, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Registration for RailsConf 2011 has already begun and if you’re a Rails developer (or a consumer of Rails technology) you should make plans to be there. This year’s conference is once again being held in Baltimore, MD which is one of my favorite U.S. cities and also quite easy to get to in terms of direct flights.

Rails Dog is a proud sponsor of the event and we’re pleased to announce a special promotional code to our community (20% off the regular price!) To qualify for this discount be sure to use the discount code rc11raild when registering.

The entire Rails Dog team will be there including several members of the Spree core team (myself included.) There will be a talk on the Spree Road Map for 2011 and a chance to meet us face to face and talk about e-commerce or whatever else is on your mind. Last year’s Spree talk was well attended and we compared notes with developers from other companies doing Spree work including: End Point, Dynamo and Pivotal Labs.

I still stand by my blog post two years ago which said there are many great reasons to go to RailsConf. I would add to this list that if you are someone who is considering using Spree, you might want to make the trip down and learn more about Spree and the larger Rails Community to which we belong.

We hope to see you all there in May!