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RailsConf 2008

Posted on May 25, 2008 by Sean Schofield

RailsConf 2008 is almost upon us. This will be an ideal opportunity for members of the Spree community to meet face to face and discuss all things Rails commerce. We have no official sessions planned and I have decided against organizing an official BOF this year. I’ve been really busy lately with client work and trying to get Spree ready for its first official beta. I’d rather use the remaining time that we have to make progress on that front instead of organizing a formal BOF.

One of the things about conferences that I enjoy most is meeting fellow developers. So if you want to get together for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beers, etc. let me know. If there is sufficient interest we could also schedule an official Spree happy hour and meet up at a local watering hole. Just drop me an email or ping me on IRC if you would like to meet up.