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Red Badger Starts Spree Hackathon & Meetup Series

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Shannon Madlin

Red Badger

Who is Red Badger?

Red Badger is a UK-based Development and Design agency with a long-standing tradition of innovation and excellence. They’ve worked with titans such as BBC, BMW and Selfridges. Red Badger joined the Spree Commerce Certified Partner program in January of 2014 and after attending SpreeConf and meeting other UK-based Spree developers, they quickly became a leader in the community.

The Hackathon

This past weekend in London, Red Badger hosted a Spree hackathon. The goal was to take what they had already learned about Spree Commerce, apply it to best practices, and expand their knowledge to see if Spree truly is the best platform to build a truly unique customer experience. In only two days the developers at the hackathon built a new ecommerce storefront from scratch.

One of our developers, Peter Berkenbosch, attended and contributed to the hackathon. He was impressed by the expertise and enthusiasm of the Red Badger team and other attendees. “Red Badger has a great balanced team with talented designers and frontend and backend developers who can build and design a store in 2 days!” said Peter. “The Red Badger culture is based around sharing the same passion and trying to solve similar problems together. They provided feedback on both what Spree is doing well, and what we can do better – which is what this community is all about.”

London Meetups

Red Badger was so excited by the hackathon and the response and outcome, they have decided to keep the momentum going by creating a London MeetUp group where others who are using Spree can get together, share what they’ve learned, compare notes and generally just be a part of a growing community. The next Meet Up will take place at 7 PM in London on May 14th – click here to register.