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Improving the User Experience

Posted on April 23, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Improving the User Experience by Scott Raio

Scott Raio, CTO and co-founder of the popular men’s clothing brand, Combatant Gentlemen, spoke at SpreeConf 2014, detailing the challenges, and solutions to, delivering the best user experience possible in both an online and offline atmosphere.

Having already established itself as an e-commerce power, Combatant Gentlemen wanted to extend the user experience to include the ability to physically try on the clothes before customers made their purchase. The issue that presented itself was that Combatant Gentlemen wanted all of its offline purchases to run through Spree, just like its online sales, in order to deliver the most comfortable offline scenario as possible.

Clearly, having customers lug a laptop through Combatant Gentlemen’s pop-up store was not an option, so it was up to Scott and his team of developers to think outside the box. What they came up with was their “Super Sweet Magic Mirror,” which turned heads at the 2013 Vegas Hack-A-Thon.

The two-way mirror, complete with a TV in the back and an RFID reader in the bottom, takes the RFID-enabled clothing that the customer is wearing and displays information, such as the price and similar items, right in front of the user. The mirror then communicates to Spree and back to the user. When customers are ready to make the purchase, they simply swipe their credit card in Combatant Gentlemen’s point of sale app, which would talk direclty to Spree.

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