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Spree 0.60.0 Released

Posted on May 13, 2011 by Sean Schofield

Spree 0.60.0 is now officially released. The primary purpose of this release is to deprecate use of the resource_controller gem. It’s been a long journey with this library but its usefulness has come to an end. Special thanks to Neeraj Singh, Roman Smirnov and Brian Quinn for their hard work on this.

We have gone to great lengths to preserve most of the functionality of
resource_controller by reimplementing it in a more "rails
like" way (using inheritance, etc.) In a few cases, however, we
have not been able to maintain 100% compatibility with previous releases
of Spree. This may affect some existing extensions as well as stores
that rely on this functionality. The new approach to overriding just the
respond to stuff in a controller is described in the customization

We’ve been doing a pretty good job these days of having regular releases. There are some pull requests piling up and the issues in Lighthouse need to be addressed so that will be the next step. We also have some cool promotions stuff coming to edge in the next few days.

For a more detailed description please check the 0.60.0 release notes. You can also use the Github compare tool to see a complete list of changes included in the 0.60.0 release.