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Spree 0.9.3 Released

Posted on December 06, 2009 by Sean Schofield

The Spree team is pleased to announce the latest release: v0.9.3. This is a patch release that provides support for the new Rails 2.3.5 release. Rails 2.3.5 contains a security fix so you may want to consider updating. We also addressed an issue with stylesheets when running Spree under a sub URI. We discovered that bug when preparing for another major announcement which should be coming soon.

This is also the first release on gemcutter (since Rubyforge gems are now out of fashion it seems.) If you’re not finding the gem, you just need to install the gemcutter gem.

<p>gem install gemcutter<br />
gem tumble<br />
gem install spree   # .. or gem update spree if you already have it installed</p>

If you have an existing Spree app you can update it easily enough after you’ve upgraded the gem. Just run the following command in your application root:

<p>spree &#8212;update</p>