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Spree 1.3.0 Released

Posted on December 19, 2012 by John Dyer

Spree 1.3.0 has now been officially released. We’ve been working on this release since late August and it’s truly been a group effort. There were 867 commits by 31 different authors. Only a few of those authors actually work for Spree Commerce Inc. so that means our awesome community has once again taken the time to make invaluable contributions to Spree. Keep up the fantastic work!

Let’s go over some of the highlights of this release:

API Updates and Documentation

As Spree constantly evolves, so does our API. To help you keep up with the latest changes, we launched our API Documentation recently. Internally, we are now using Versioncake to version our API and ensure that any significant changes don’t affect our end-users. Additionally, we have added searching capabilities throughout the API and the ability to customize output by specifying a template.

Please see the API Improvements blog post and our API Documentation for more details.

New Admin Interface

We are excited for you to try our newly redesigned admin interface, courtesy of our designer Alexey (aka devilcoders). The main focus of the redesign was to put a “fresh coat of paint” on everything to make it a little easier to look at all day long. This is just the first step of reworking our admin interface and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback to help us improve our further iterations on the design.

Please see the Announcing Admin Redesign blog post for more details.

Currency Settings

Currency settings have been added to Spree that make it possible to change the currency used by the store and the format of displayed prices. This is the foundation for planned multi-currency support in the future. The goal with these changes is to eventually allow various objects in Spree to store and track their own currency. Currently the currency is set on a global level.

Special thanks to Gregor MacDougall for his great work on adding currency support to Spree.

Please see this commit for more information on currencies in Spree.

Miscellaneous Changes

As with every major Spree release, there are also a ton of commits related to minor bug fixes and other subtle improvements. Please see the Github compare for a complete list of changes in this release. You can also see a written summary of the changes with additional details in the release notes.