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Bitcoin Available for Spree Commerce

Posted on September 04, 2014 by Julia Patterson

Easy Bitcoin Options For Spree Commerce Clients

Julia Patterson is a Merchant Specialist at BitPay- the world’s leading bitcoin payment processor. She got involved with bitcoin in 2012 and has enjoyed helping businesses embrace the technology.

We are proud to announce that we’ve built a new plugin that will enable Spree’s 45,000+ web merchants to easily accept bitcoin.

Spree is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, producing open source code that individuals and businesses can modify, customize, and build upon to create their ideal ecommerce storefronts. The Spree storefront enables the sale of a remarkable variety of products and services through a convenient, common platform.

Spree has also been translated into thirty languages, allowing for merchants around the globe to easily deploy it. Spree’s BitPay clients can now use a custom plugin option to accept bitcoin, a truly universal currency. With the extension, Spree’s diverse customer base can more easily accept bitcoin and cater to a global marketplace.

Merchants who use Spree’s simple and efficient storefront software will now be able to accept the world’s quickest, most secure, and inexpensive payment method – bitcoin. Using BitPay’s instant conversion and unlimited free processing plan, Spree merchants will be able to accept bitcoin payment and receive daily settlements at no cost.

We are pleased to offer our merchants these new ecommerce options, and we aim to move bitcoin ecommerce forward. To view this content in its original format, please visit the BitPay blog.

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