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Spree Stores for Manufacturers and Distributors

Posted on July 31, 2014 by 3llideas

Why Manufacturers and Distributors Choose Spree

At 3llideas, the online stores of the businesses we manage are our main focus. We specialize in developing e-commerce projects that are adaptable to every need, big and small, of businesses that offer their products directly to their customers.

Of course, not all businesses sell their services directly to the client. Some offer their goods as a third-party service and provide a showcase for the seller. Spree Commerce, the solution we recommend for commercial vendors, is not only suitable for these vendors, but also saves a lot of headaches due to the possibilities offered by Spree’s integrations and solution management.

When we think of online shopping, the first application that comes to mind is to sell directly to consumers, or B2C. However, business to business, or B2B, sellers often face similar problems. Speaking personally, we have had issues in the past with these following issues:

• Manufacturers: A company that manufactures a product and want to have an online store for the customer, distributor, retailer or consumer
• Distributors: Companies that manage one or more providers, and need to facilitate trade with their customers

Speaking exclusively of online trading platforms aimed at distributors, the main objectives are to:

Position products online: You have a catalog that is accessible to everyone, in the sense that it only displays the information that is relevant to the customer’s interest. These are provided for the benefit of great placement on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Private sales to authorized customers: On a case by case basis, customer purchases are validated and accepted based on a specific profile. These customers, through an authorization procedure, must be able to enter the online store, view product information, and are given the option to easily process and pay for orders.

Brand Promotion: As a website that is open to the public, the brand must take the opportunity to promote the brand, the company and other values on the storefront, in order to increase the recognition of the company’s marketing efforts and corporate image.

It is at this point that Spree Commerce differentiates itself as a perfect solution for business looking for a virtual showcase to display its showcase. Spree’s advantage is that is it much more than an online store, as it has a host of features that facilitate development. Among the advantages you gain by going with Spree Commerce are:

Flexible discount system: Althouth the order has to be managed in the company’s ERP, Spree’s advanced order system provides users with a simpler way to manage shopping carts. This helps our clients manage the various states of their sales, and facilitates the export management system.

Categorization of orders: This point is made very easily on the Spree Commerce online store. We provide many options for how and where our products are organized and categorized, and they are displayed in relevance to the existing inventory. Customers are interested to know the availability of the products, and Spree’s categorization keeps these figures and displays up to date.

Mobile Support: Spree already has the support needed to customize a website for a smooth transition to mobile, including excellent navigation on all screens. This is a huge factor for storeowners, as mobile commerce continues to increase in popularity, and Spree Commerce exceeds all expectations. Feel free to check out this post, where we explain more in depth.

With Spree Commerce, it is possible to achieve an excellent and complete solution for e-commerce, at a very competitive price. Spree does this with a free open source framework that provides many default features one might pay extra for elsewhere, not to mention its simple customization features.

About 3llideas

3llideas was born as a commercial enterprise with a mission to leverage growth of internet retailers. 3llideas specializes in development and implementation of online stores, using Spree’s open source software to come up with the best e-commerce solutions. 3llideas offers a flexible solution that lets you differentiate and integrate your online store with your business in mind, and develops your internet channel with your specific objectives. To view this original post in its Spanish format, click here.

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