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"Spree Commerce Peformance" by Daniel Sim Lind

Posted on May 06, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

“Spree Commerce Peformance” by Daniel Sim Lind

Daniel Sim Lind, former strategic marketing and creative director at Ninefold, spoke at SpreeConf 2014 to discuss the results he and his team found when using Spree Commerce as the subject of extensive research on website performance. What he found was that the Spree Commerce platform is capable of exceptional performance and smooth scalability.

Why does performance matter, you may ask? Because it matters to the users, and the users impact the bottom line. As Daniel explained in further detail in his presentation, Amazon found that every 100ms of average responsiveness improvement boosted revenue by 1%, a statistic that was backed by a failed experiment from Google. Google performed a survey asking users what they could do to increase their performance, and the overwelming response was that web searchers wanted more results on the first page.

Google followed suit, and the extra first-page results caused slower website load time. When the website slowed, Google saw a 20% drop in traffic, and a 20% drop in revenue. AOL, Yahoo and Shopzilla performed similar tests, and all yielded similar results.

So, why again does performance matter? Because time is money. Learn more by watching Daniel’s full presentation.

More presentations from SpreeConf 2014 are coming soon, so be sure to check back with us, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. To learn more about Spree Commerce and Ninefold, be sure to attend our co-hosted meetup, “The Future of E-Commerce,” on Thursday, May 8, in San Francisco. For more information, as well as to register, click here.