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Second Spree Meetup With Red Badger a Huge Success

Posted on September 09, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Second Spree Meetup With Red Badger Huge Success

After a great debut meetup, Spree Commerce and Red Badger quickly begain planning the sequel. “The London Spree Commerce User Group-Part II” meetup was held last week in London, and if you missed it you can watch the recording. As predicted, the event went off without a hitch and included around 40 attendees enjoying pizza, beer, collaboration and all things Spree. The night featured three keynote speakers, each bringing his own flavor to the event.

First up was Red Badger developer Joe Stanton with his presentation, “Functional Frontends with Spree Commerce.” Joe went into detail on some of the interesting aspects that Red Badger, who spezializes in modern, responsive UI, has been using frontends for with Spree Commerce. Specifically, Joe discussed why using a platform like Spree is so vital to developers’ innovation, and proves to be a more efficient form of technology. The end result is a better site with a better user experience.

Next up was Spree’s own developer Wes Ketchum, who discussed why he loves to use Dashing when building a dashboard for the Spree Commerce platform. Like Spree, Dashing is an open source tool, so it makes for a lot of compatibility and complementary interfaces. The simlar philosophies between the two gives you a great framework to build off of, with lots of developer plugins, such as Github, Travis CI and Pingdom. Dashboards in general work really well with ecommerce development, and Dashing makes creating them for Spree that much easier.

Wrapping up the night was Red Badger’s Technical Architect Paul Skarseth with his presentation, “3D Integration with Spree.” 3D is an extra layer of security used for online debit and credit card transactions. Authentication is based off a three-domain model —-Acquirer, Issuer, and Interoperability—- that gives the integration its name. What this means for store owners is that if a transaction bounces or proves to be fraudulent, they don’t have to take the hit, and Paul goes into great detail on how to use and implement 3D Secure.

A special thanks goes out to Red Badger for hosting the meetup, and to the the night’s key speakers! We look forward to more events like this, so be sure to check back in with us!

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