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Posted on March 17, 2012 by Sean Schofield

This year is shaping up to be another year of tremendous growth in the Spree community with an ever growing number of awesome contributors helping out with the effort. We also held our first ever SpreeConf where I presented a talk on the Spree Road Map. It has been a month since that talk so I thought I would update everyone on how things are progressing and what we have planned for later this year.

Spree 1.1

The Spree 1.1 release is right around the corner. We’re scheduled to announce the first release candidate later this week. This release should be a relatively painless upgraade if you’re already running Spree 1.0.×. Spree 1.1 will include support for Rails 3.2.x as well as some minor improvements that were not urgent enough to include in the Spree 1.0.x patch releases. Expect the final release to occur during the first week of April.

Spree 1.2

The Spree 1.2 release will focus on the much anticipated admin redesign. We will be reorganizing some of the admin screens to improve usability as well as putting a fresh coat of paint on things and making the admin functionality easier to customize. We already have a ton of mockups for how the admin might look but the design is not final. Work on the admin will begin later this month and commits will start showing up in the master branch within a couple of weeks.

Website Improvements

The first improvement to our website will be the addition of a new forum system. Its based heavily on the forem project created by our very own community manager (Ryan Bigg.) It will have the ability to upvote answers and for people to mark their questions as answered. This will help us keep better track of the unanswered questions out there. Go ahead and create your Spree account now so you’re ready to participate!

SpreeConf Europe

During our first SpreeConf we also announced our plans for a SpreeConf Europe later this summer. The conference will be on August 22-23 in Dublin, Ireland. We’re going to announce the details shortly and there will be a large discount for early registration. Hope to see everyone there!