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Spree Commerce Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding

Posted on October 10, 2011 by Sean Schofield

We are happy to announce the formation of our new company, Spree Commerce Inc., which has participated in a $1.5M seed investment round lead by True Ventures. Also participating in the round were AOL Ventures and Sean Glass (a local angel.)

The Spree project began four years ago with a bold idea and a simple blog post. Over time we received contributions from more than 100 people and Spree was translated into over 30 languages making it one of the most popular open source projects on Github. During this time we also formed Rails Dog, a services company specializing in building highly customized Spree sites.

Rails Dog will continue to provide Spree consulting services but Spree is now ready to take the next step. Spree Commerce Inc. will continue the mission of building the most cutting edge and flexible e-commerce platform possible. We’re also excited about the opportunity we have to introduce Spree to a wider audience as well as to provide the additional services and support that our community has been asking for. We believe the future of e-commerce lies with open source and our new funding will allow us to get there faster. In the coming weeks and months you will hear a lot more about our plans as they unfold.

I’d also like to take a moment to personally address our awesome community, without whom this would not be possible. Spree has always been 100% open source and it will always remain that way. The licensing terms have not changed nor will they do so in the future. The license is intentionally permissive so that anyone can use Spree for
personal or commercial use. I’ve been involved in open source software for over 10 years now and I’m beyond convinced that it is the most efficient and rewarding way to create software. Spree has always been about everyone working together and “getting the job done.” There is no reason for that to change now.

Spree began its life as a commercially supported product (via paid consulting) – now we are just getting additional help from investors to accelerate our progress. We are thrilled to be working with True Ventures who has a long history of open source investments in companies such as Automattic (makers of Word Press) and Puppet Labs. We also have an awesome team of advisors: Dries Buytaert (creator of Drupal), Luke Kanies (creator of Puppet), Tom Preston-Werner (co-founder of Github), and James Lindenbaum (co-founder of Heroku.)

We look forward to writing the next chapter of the open source e-commerce story together with you.

Sean Schofield

Founder, CEO
Spree Commerce