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Spree Commerce Hosts Entire Team for Spree Week

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce Closes out Spree Week

The entire Spree Commerce team got together in our Headquarters outside of DC, welcoming the rest of our developers from around the globe! For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Spree ecosystem, approximately half of our team works remotely in various countries ranging from Ireland to Brazil, so it was a nice to change to see the rest of our colleagues in person, as opposed to the company message board.

Code was written, burritos were eaten and dance moves were busted out as we crammed the office by day and got to know each other better over dinner and drinks downtown by night. Highlights of the week included some serious gaming, and our week-ending “crazy ideas” competition, featuring developers’ brainstorming sessions, and subsequent teamwork to create the next wave of Spree Commerce hub advancements. Things to look forward to include throttling, quarantining, staging and versioning, and general advancements to our e-commerce integrations.

As a team we worked hard to make enhancements to the hub, including training on a new and improved customer support system, additional design changes in the pipeline and strategizing on what’s next for us and our clients. We’re excited to unveil these changes soon, so make sure to check back with us in the weeks to follow!

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