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Get to Know SpreeConf NYC Speaker: Ric Lister

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Shannon Madlin

Earlier this week we introduced you to Denis Ivanov who will be talking about perfecting your e-commerce front end at SpreeConf NYC February 26th & 27th. Today we’d like to introduce you to Ric Lister. Ric is the Director of DevOps at Spree Commerce and will be speaking at SpreeConf about Spree operations as code.

Ric Lister

Ric Lister
Director of DevOps

Ric Lister is Director of DevOps at Spree Commerce, where he wrangles servers, evangelizes infrastructure as code, and monitors all the things. Ric loves ruby, chef, and is starting to get pretty fired up about go.

Getting to Know Ric

What trends are most exciting to you right now?

The narrowing boundary between development and ops means increasingly I get to work with people who understand and take responsibility for the full technology experience: architecture, code and user experience.

Any interesting projects you are working on that others might be interested in?

I’m working on a rewrite of the dashiki monitoring dashboard, and some of the ideas that spring from this will be making their way into the Spree Hub in the near future.

What are you most looking forward to at SpreeConf this year?

Getting to know some of the talented people working with Spree.

What do you hope SpreeConf attendees remember about your talk when they get home?

That infrastructure should be just another piece of code.

Do you have any interesting picks – blogs, technology, books, new companies to follow?

The Food Fight Show is a great podcast to follow to keep up with developments in the world of DevOps. I’m also following very closely Paul Dix’s new project Influxdb, which is a very promising time series and metrics database.

Come meet Ric and hear his talk about Spree operations as code at SpreeConf NYC, February 26 and 27. Get your tickets now! Less than 6 weeks to go!