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Subscription Manager Extension

Posted on July 12, 2008 by Sean Schofield

Gregg Pollack has written a simple Subscription Manager extension for Spree. The extension will allow you to ask new users if they want to subscribe to a mailing list. While developing this extension Gregg ran into an interesting problem. He needed to add a single field to the existing user form. Of course extensions allow you to override the entire form, but in this case, that’s not very DRY.

Gregg and I discussed the idea of having extensions loading partials which ended up being a great solution to this problem. Its worth a look if you are writing extensions that require similar functionality.

If you’re running into trouble writing your extensions, just pop by the mailing list or the #spree channel and ask for some help. In the future, I imagine we will be making more changes to the core to accomodate unforseen scenarios such as this.

You can install the extension in your project with:

<p>script/extension install git://github.com/Gregg/spree-subscription-manager.git</p>