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Bronto and Twilio Integration Upgrades for Wombat

Posted on December 09, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce and Spree Certified Partner Agile Engine upgraded the Twilio and Bronto integrations for Spree’s automated ecommerce integration platform, Wombat. Now, making these connections is just a matter of a few minutes.

Wombat connects ecommerce brands with all of their mission-critical services with the most versatile arsenal of integrations in the industry. By making the connection to leading communication and customer service integrations like Bronto and Twilio, Wombat users can automate key aspects of their messaging and marketing campaigns.

Specific benefits users will gain with these integrations include the ability to:

  • Track and verify customer information
  • Ensure superior customer service by providing order status information right at customers’ fingertips
  • Send order confirmations when orders are placed or updated

“Effective communication is a two-way street,” said Spree Commerce co-founder and CTO Brian Quinn. “In order for customers to receive what seems like a simple email or a text, everything has to run properly on the backend first. With these upgrades, we’ve made the backend process as straightforward as possible; no custom code required.”

Get accurate and reliable access to Bronto and Twilio by signing up for a free two-week integration platform trial trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on integrating Bronto and/or Twilio with Wombat, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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