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MailChimp and Mandrill Integration Upgrades

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce Upgrades MailChimp and Mandrill Integrations for Wombat

Spree Commerce has upgraded its integrations for leading email and marketing connections Mandrill and MailChimp for Wombat. Now, connecting with these integrations is just a matter of following some simple steps, and will take users just a few minutes.

Wombat gives its users the most diverse arsenal of ecommerce integrations in the industry, and makes these connections as simple as possible. By connecting to email and communication leaders like Mandrill and MailChimp, Wombat users can greet customers with emails to encourage loyalty and keep them up to date on order status.

Other benefits users will gain include the ability to:

  • Organize contact information to help the marketing team better target potential customers
  • Send targeted emails to customers after orders have been placed to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Update customer information automatically to ensure accuracy of contact information

“Customer satisfaction is the name of the game in ecommerce, and effective communication is the key to keeping customers happy,” said Spree Commerce co-founder and CEO Sean Schofield. "Automating the communications of your business is only part of the solution; making the connection to integrations like Mandrill and MailChimp should be as simple as possible, and we believe we’ve made that a reality with these upgrades.

To get the full benefits of these integrations sign up for a free, two-week integration platform trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on integrating MailChimp and/or Mandrill with Wombat, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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