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5 Challenges Wombat Solves for Growing Stores

Posted on September 10, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Top 5 Challenges When Growing a Store— And How Wombat Can Help

Jon Carpenter, Spree Commerce Director of Client Services, recently hosted the most recent in our series of Wombat Webinars. Jon provided an in-depth look into the top challenges facing growing storefronts, and how Wombat can solve these issues. The webinar was truly a must-attend for store owners seeking ecommerce growth.

Jon gave fantastic insight into the common pitfalls facing ecommerce businesses, including:

• Order fulfillment
• New and changing vendors
• Multiple platform compatibility
• Omnichannel sales
• Customer service

The full recap, including the recording, can be found on wombat.co.

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