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Netsuite Integration Upgrades for Wombat

Posted on November 04, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce has released its upgraded, officially supported Netsuite integration for Wombat. Wombat can connect any store to any service, and gives its users the most effective arsenal of integrations in ecommerce.

By utilizing the upgraded integration, Wombat users can connect to Netsuite in just a few minutes. By connecting Wombat with Netsuite you will be able to send shipment data to and from Netsuite, receive customer data, and get real-time inventory data from Netsuite.

“Netsuite is a widely-used cloud suite in the industry. Its popularity and blend of business accounting, ERP and CRM functionalities make it a priority for us to have it available for integration with Wombat,” said Spree Commerce CPO Sameer Gulati. “Now, making this connection is just a matter of following a few steps; no custom code required.”

Get accurate and reliable access to Netsuite by signing up for a two-week integration platform trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on integrating Netsuite with Wombat, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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